Can I use Postly for free?

There are some usage limitations on this plan, and if you need more than the free plan offers, we’ve made sure the Premium plan is reasonably priced.
You can also buy extra Workspaces to use for your products, brands, and clients.

Which social media platforms can Postly post content to?

With Postly you can write your Social Media Post once, and Publish it on the most popular social media platforms:
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How do I connect my Instagram account?

You have to connect your Instagram account via your Facebook account.
Option 1: Connect your Facebook account first, then your Instagram account would be connected. You just need to connect to the relevant pages you want to post to.
Option 2: Connect directly from the Instagram account. You will still be required to use your Facebook access credentials. Once you sign in, your Facebook account will also be automatically connected.

Why can't I find my Business Pages when I connect to LinkedIn?

You are not an admin of those business pages. You must be an admin of a page to be able to connect to it and post contents to it.

Can I post Twitter Threads on Postly?

Yes, just draft your post and Postly will manage the Twitter Threads behind the scene.

How do I subscribe to a plan?

Create a free account and log in to the dashboard. From the Account Settings tab, you would be able to purchase and manage your subscriptions.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

You may initiate the cancellation procedure for your monthly or yearly subscription by sending us a mail to [email protected], canceling your subscription will subsequently terminate your PREMIUM account with Postly, however, you can continue to enjoy the Free Plan.
Refunds will be offered to the users in accord with our 30-day money back guarantee period, starting from the date of purchase.

Is my Data safe?

The safety of your data is very important to us. We manage consumer consent & preferences in complete adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensuring the protection of the personal data and privacy and for all the transactions that take place. Postly servers are hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) with an SSL encryption warranting a highly secure and updated hosting. We guarantee the safety of the data by imposing strict security best practices.